The Project

Peer review sessions

After each round of Local Living Labs, a peer review session is taking place. External experts representing private companies and research organisations are invited to discuss with the Biocircularcities partners the results coming from the Local Living Labs. This process is fundamental to validate and support project choices and preliminary results.

Peer review session #1 (April 2022)

During this first session, the invited reviewers shared their own experience and projects on circular bioeconomy. They also assisted to a presentation of the Biocircularcities project, the selected biowaste value chains to be studied in the three pilots and the conclusions of each Local Living Lab on challenges and potential solutions in the current biowaste management in the pilot territories.

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Peer review session #2 (October 2022)

During the second session, five international biowaste management experts­ discussed open questions for each identified value chain in the pilot areas. The experts also added to the factors and barriers already identified in the second Living Lab.

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Peer review session #3 (May 2023)

During the third session, six international biowaste management experts­ met in person to discuss results on barriers and drivers for implementing circular bioeconomy at local level and the preliminary results of the LCA and LCC of the alternative scenarios selected for each pilot. They also discovered the Biocircularcities webtool and got acquainted with sister-projects.

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