The Project

Local Living Labs

To effectively address the local needs and explore relevant solutions to develop a circular bioeconomy on the territory, each pilot territory organises Local Living Labs gathering key stakeholders involved in biowaste management (such as large waste producers, waste collectors and processors, end-users of recovered materials, etc.). The Living Labs will be meeting several times during the project to share views and challenges, discuss the development of the project and how its activities can have a positive impact on circular bioeconomy.

Participation in the Local Living Labs is by invitation only. Should you be interested in joining a Living Lab, please contact us.

Local Living Labs #1 (March 2022)

The first and introductory meetings of the Local Living Labs introduced participants to the project and discussed the current situation of the chain to study, relevant legislations and best practices. Participants exchanged on challenges encountered in the current biowaste management systems, successful stories or possible alternative on circular bioeconomy to improve the management and the valorisation for the selected biowaste chains.

Read more about the Local Living Labs #1 in Pazardzhik, Barcelona and Naples.

Local Living Labs #2 (September 2022)

The second Living Lab focused on the sustainable drivers and bottlenecks linked to the implementation of bioeconomy. This guided the dynamics enabling to identify regulatory and market gaps and opportunities for implementing circular bioeconomy in the pilot areas.

Read more about the Local Living Labs #2 in Pazardzhik, Barcelona and Naples.

Local Living Labs #3 (March 2023)

During this Living Lab, preliminary results of Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing analysis will be shared to provide preliminary recommendations for politicians and entrepreneurs. Dynamics for assessing the proposed set of policy recommendations for implementing circular bioeconomy in the pilot areas will be discussed and further propositions from local actors will be gathered.

Local Living Labs #4 (July 2023)

This last Living Lab will present the final results of the project. These include the definitive results of LCT and recommendations for politicians and entrepreneurs for each pilots. The work will be based on feedback coming from the previous Living Labs. The Living Lab #4 will also feature a session on the presentation and direct use of the webtool for implementing biowaste management adopting a circular bioeconomy approach.