The Biocircularcities project will unlock the circular economy potential of unexploited bio-based waste streams by exploring the development of economically and environmentally efficient models for organic waste (food and kitchen waste, garden waste, agricultural waste from agrobased industrial sector, wood waste and forestry residues, etc.) in three pilot areas.

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28 February 2023

The project will be presented during the CCRI Thematic working group on Bioeconomy

Rosaria Chifari will present the progress of the Biocircularcities project during the first Circular Cities and Regions Initiative...

15 February 2023

The Biocircularcities guidelines to facilitate the replication of the pilots’ experiences

The Biocircularcities project intends to develop guidelines facilitating the replication of the approaches defined and experienced...

Live from Pilots

Metropolitan Area of

Barcelona (ES)

26 September 2022

Barriers and drivers for a more circular municipal biowaste management in Barcelona

The second Local Living Lab for the metropolitan area of Barcelona successfully took place on 16…

Metropolitan City of

Naples (IT)

Province of

Pazardzhik (BG)

19 October 2022

Pazardzhik identifies drivers for a circular bioeconomy in forestry waste

What could be the drivers to implement a circular bioeconomy in the field of forestry waste…


Definition of the Scope of Circular Bioeconomy for biowaste management in urban areas

This report is a first step in the development of guidelines facilitating the replication of the...

Regulatory gap and opportunity analysis for a circular bioeconomy

This report aims to identify the legal/administrative, technical, economic, environmental, and social drivers and barriers that...

Policy framework and Good Practices on circular bioeconomy and biowaste management

This report compiles the extensive review of the circular bioeconomy policy framework and the selection of...

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🤩 The Metropolitan City of #Naples invites its stakeholders for a third Local Living Lab to share the preliminary results from sustainability assessment for the selected #biowaste chain and present the #biocircularcities webtool prototype!

🗓️ 24 March

Did you know: on top of boosting the circular bioeconomy in our three pilots, we are also working on guidelines to replicate the results!

Our new report tells you all about the approach we followed and what to expect from the guidelines!

In 🇪🇺, support is mainly given to biorefineries processing secondary raw materials into marketable #biobased products. 🧐Is it the case for our 3 pilots?

We analysed the regulatory gaps and opportunities for a more #biocircular system for #biowaste.


This is shocking⬇

But it will help us to end #foodwaste

Because this new data on food waste levels by @EU_Eurostat strengthens the foundations of our work:

✅ By June 2023 we aim to propose new targets to accelerate food waste reduction in the EU

#FoodWasteEU #EUFarm2Fork

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