The Biocircularcities project will unlock the circular economy potential of unexploited bio-based waste streams by exploring the development of economically and environmentally efficient models for organic waste (food and kitchen waste, garden waste, agricultural waste from agrobased industrial sector, wood waste and forestry residues, etc.) in three pilot areas.

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16 May 2022

Biocircularcities pilots receive support from external experts

Five external experts, representing private companies and research organisations, joined the first Peer Review session of...

28 April 2022

The first issue of Biocircular Echoes is out!

Six months after the launch of this new adventure, the Biocircularcities partners have completed the first...

27 April 2022

30 good practices in biowaste management and circular bioeconomy already identified

Biowaste and circular bioeconomy solutions are already implemented across Europe (and beyond). They represent an interesting...

Live from Pilots

Metropolitan Area of

Barcelona (ES)

24 March 2022

Barcelona successfully hosts its first Living Lab

Barcelona celebra amb èxit el seu primer Living Lab

The first Local Living Lab of Biocircularcities in the metropolitan area of Barcelona was held on…

Metropolitan City of

Naples (IT)

30 March 2022

Municipal and agro-industrial biowaste under discussion at Naples’ First Living Lab

Residui organici urbani e agroindustriali oggetto di discussione nel primo Living Lab di Napoli

The first Local Living Lab of Biocircularcities in the Città Metropolitana di Napoli (CMNA) was held…

Province of

Pazardzhik (BG)

4 April 2022

First Living Lab held in Pazardzhik

The first Local Living Lab of Biocircularcities in the Bulgarian city of Pazardzhik successfully took place…


Biocircularcities in a nutshell – Leaflet

Biocircularcities Брошура / Biocircularcities tríptic / Biocircularcities folleto / Biocircularcities opuscolo

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