The Biocircularcities project will unlock the circular economy potential of unexploited bio-based waste streams by exploring the development of economically and environmentally efficient models for organic waste (food and kitchen waste, garden waste, agricultural waste from agrobased industrial sector, wood waste and forestry residues, etc.) in three pilot areas.

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12 September 2023

“Biocircularcities unlocked – the Brussels stop” goes online!

Exciting news! It will be possible to follow the first part of the final event of...

19 September 2023

Watch again the Biocircularcities Trilogy

The Biocircularcities Trilogy is over… In three episodes, the Biocircularcities partners presented everything about the project,...

Live from Pilots

Metropolitan Area of

Barcelona (ES)

11 July 2023

Biocircularcities results showcased in Barcelona

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona organised an event on 14 June to showcase the results of…

Metropolitan City of

Naples (IT)

5 July 2023

Flour for bread from coffee waste: Naples presents its results

Participants of the local final event of the Biocircularcities project in Naples were surprised to learn…

Province of

Pazardzhik (BG)

19 June 2023

Biocircularcities presents its results in Pazardzhik

Проект BIOCIRCULARCITIES с финално събитие в Пазарджик, България

The final event of the Biocircularcities project for the Pazardzhik province took place on 8 June…


Report documenting the definition of the decision tree background logic

This report documents the background setting of the Biocircularcities guidelines that were developed including the discussion...

LCA and LCC analyses of the selected systems producing and managing biowaste in the pilot areas (public summary)

Public summary of the confidential report “LCA and LCC analyses of the selected systems producing and...

Definition of the Scope of Circular Bioeconomy for biowaste management in urban areas

This report is a first step in the development of guidelines facilitating the replication of the...

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Time for the "fun" part, as Mergime Ibrahimi from #CIVITTA, introduced it with our Agora. Really curious about what @Biomodel4reg @CEE2ACT @phenolexa @circbiocarbon @hoop_eu @RuralBioUp are up to!


Zoom on our pilots... 3 territories, 3 value chains, 3 different experiences! Angelo Venezia @napolicittametr, @vmitjans from #Barcelona and Georgi Simeonov from #Pazardzhik have the floor!


Laurène Chochois presents the webtool developed within the @Biocirc_cities project to help choosing technologies for biowaste treatment. You can check it at #biowaste #biocircularcities

What are the barriers to a #circular #bioeconomy? For 2 years we worked on it, assess legal challenges, technical alternatives, run LCA, LCC... Karin Meisterl @ENTmediambient, Laurène Chochois @LIST_Luxembourg and Amalia Zucaro @ENEAOfficial give us an insight on the results.

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