Facilitating the replication in other EU countries

To help transfer the learning from the three pilot areas to other European territories, the project partners developed guidelines meant to be replicable to other contexts and types of biowaste. The guidelines consist in a webtool that provides support for the identification of relevant technological valorisation routes for specific biowaste and bioresidues, such as municipal biowaste, agro-industry losses, or forestry residues.

This webtool is freely accessible to any local waste expert or decision makers that wants to identify relevant technologies to process specific biowaste, taking into considerations the local contexts and the objectives regarding the end-products considered or the environmental performances. Feel free to try the webtool using the link below!

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Relevant publications

Biocircularcities on tour

The results and outcomes of the Biocircularcities have been presented at various events in the pilot territories but also online through a series of webinars and in Brussels for the project’s final conference. Check the event section of the website to see what happened and watch recordings.