Pazardzhik Local Living Lab #1

Среща #1 на заинтересовани лица в град Пазарджик

This first and introductory meeting of the Local Living Lab in Pazardzhik introduced participants to the project and discussed the current systems for management of biowaste from municipal waste and residues coming from agriculture and forestry sector, presented relevant legislation and best practices at EU and local level.

The Living Lab included two interactive sessions. The first one focused on the challenges facing the management of both flows under study (municipal biowaste and residues from agriculture and forestry) in Pazardzhik District. Among the challenges shared by participants are lack of traditions and knowledge on utilization of forestry and agri biowastes, lack of financial incentives for such activities, low share of recycling; and for municipal wastes: inappropriate methodology for waste taxation, need of reforms to start separate collection of biowaste, non-utilization of sewage sludge, lack of consumer awareness about the importance of increasing the separate collection rates of different waste fractions.

During the second session participants exchanged opinion and knowledge on the potential strategies and best practices to tackle the challenges highlighted previously. The solutions suggested are: 1) introducing the use of machines such as vending machines in order to stimulate separate collection of household waste; 2) using mobile off-road equipment for collection and treatment of forest biomass, i.e. introduction of innovative technologies for collection and treatment of forest biomass; 3) introducing SMART systems for monitoring and collecting household waste, changing the methodology for calculating the waste taxation  currently depending on household or commercial surface;  4) increasing awareness campaigns about the importance and benefits of source separating household/commercial biowaste and other waste fractions, 5) teaching students at schools about separate waste collection and the various benefits of recycling and informing more young parents responsible for raising our future generations on the importance of educating children on those topics. The change starts with us!


31 March 2022

11:00 am to 1:00 pm


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