The all-new Biocircularcities website now released

Welcome to, the all-new Biocircularcities website!

We are thrilled to launch today the website of the BBI-JU Biocircularcities project. This window on our project will enable you to follow our progresses towards the development of economically and environmentally efficient models for organic waste in three pilot areas. In addition to relevant background information and regular insights on the project, you will have the possibility to access the key outcomes of our work once available.

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Live from pilots

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, the Region of Pazardzhik and the Metropolitan City of Naples have each a dedicated area on the website. These will bring you key data on the territory, direct access to relevant reports and documents, and fresh news. All that in English, but also in Bulgarian, Catalan, Italian, and Spanish!

Get involved!

Are you involved in bioeconomy chains? Do you want to contribute to Biocircularcities? Each pilot territory will set up collaborative working groups, the Local Living Labs, for stakeholders of the local bioeconomy value-chains to share feedback on the on-going activities of the project. Three peer review sessions will also take place for experts from across Europe to share their experience with the pilot territories.

If you are interested to either join a Local Living Lab or offer your expertise during a peer-review session, get in touch with us at!