Have you seen the first Biocircularcities in brief?

Are you looking for a brief overview of our latest activities? We got you covered!

Have a look at the first issue of Biocircularcities in English to find a summary of what we did between October 2021 and May 2022.

Six months after the launch of this new adventure, we have completed the first stages of our exploratory journey. We gathered our traveling companions,stakeholders of the local biowaste chains of the pilot territories, who already started sharing constructive feedback during three exchange sessions, the Local Living Labs. Their input will be crucial at each step of the project as no circular bioeconomy can be implemented in the pilots without the active involvement of the local actors.

It is also important to know the surrounding environment, that is to have a general idea on the current biowaste streams in the three pilot areas as well as a good overview on legal aspects both at European and local level. For that, we are currently working on defining key biowaste value chains in the pilot areas and analysing the existing policy framework and good practices in circular bioeconomy at European and pilot territory level. This first work will be used in a second phase of the project to identify the current barriers and opportunities linked with local regulation or current awareness of the circular bioeconomy solutions, and to explore how biowaste management can be optimised.

In this Biocircularcities in brief #1 you will also find a summary of the results of the peer review session and local Living Labs.

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