Biocircularcities presented at the Sixth SUM Symposium on Circular Economy and Urban Mining

Last 20 May 2022, participants of the SUM 2022 – Sixth Symposium on Circular Economy and Urban Mining in Capri (Italy) had the opportunity to discover the Biocircularcities project. ENEA joined the info session C10, on Biodegradable waste to present a paper entitled “Biocircularcities project: circular bioeconomy in urban contexts” and prepared by ENEA and ENT. The presentation gave an overview of the project and its structure, the biowaste chains selected in each pilot territory as well as the expected results.

The SUM Symposium, organised biennially since 2012 by IWWG–International Waste Working Group, nowadays represents the ideal reference Forum for Circular Economy and Urban Mining, where scientists and stakeholders can debate the most advanced results and focus on future needs. It covers over 17 topics such as: concepts in saving, recovery and recycling of material resources; prevention, minimisation and preparing for reuse; sources and characterisation of valuable materials; appropriate technology for materials recovery and valorisation; specific material flows in circular economy; closing material loops in circular economy; policies and legal aspects; etc.