Biocircularcities results showcased in Barcelona

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona organised an event on 14 June to showcase the results of the Biocircularcities project to the local stakeholder and further discuss the management of municipal biowaste on its territory.

It was an opportunity for local stakeholders to ask questions regarding the new collection systems and how they affect the quality of biowaste in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Preliminary results from municipalities that have introduced smart containers, door-to-door or mixed system (some fractions with door-to-door and others with smart containers) to collect the organic fraction. These show an increase in quantity and quality of the organic matter selectively collected.

New technologies to manage biowaste were presented to participants before concluding with a round table tackling the different issues raised during the event. Participants concluded that

  • Biowaste is a field with a lot of future that may not have been highlighted yet.
  • We still need to work on the technologies so that they reach the market.
  • Regarding collection systems, there are no universal solutions.
  • The big challenge is surely the management of the different collection systems and the acceptance of the population with the worrying risk of politicization, social polarization, etc.