The project will be presented during the CCRI Thematic working group on Bioeconomy

Tomas Anunziata

Rosaria Chifari will present the progress of the Biocircularcities project during the first Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) Thematic working group (TWG) on Bioeconomy that will be celebrated on 8 March – 10.00-12.30.

The scope of the TWG is to facilitate as much as possible the implementation of circular economy projects at local and regional scale. The experience of Biocircularcities can be interesting to share since this CBE JU project focuses on the production of bio-based products from local biowaste streams and has relevant inputs for local/regional project promoters interested in increasing circularity in the selected urban biowaste chains (municipal biowaste in the Metropolitan area of Barcelona, the forestry residues in the Province of Pazardzhik and the organic fraction of agro-industrial waste in the Metropolitan City of Naples).