The Metropolitan City of Naples hosts the 3rd local living labs in its headquarters

Taking advantage of the project’s third General Assembly, the Metropolitan City of Naples brought together local stakeholders to discuss on the opportunities of improving the recycling of coffee silverskin, one of the byproducts of the local coffee industry.

The local stakeholders especially considered the Life Cycle Analysis prepared by Biocircularcities partner ENEA, that compared the impact of an alternative scenario where the silverskin is valorised in the food industry, compared to the current practices. The participants agreed on the importance of the environmental dimension, especially when it comes to the environmental authorisations required to develop new projects.

The local stakeholders also discovered the first version of the webtool developed by Biocircularcities partner List to guide decision-making for the development of biocircular strategies. The participants found it useful, considering that they regarded the identification of the best treatment routes according to the local context is regarded as a key priority for improving the bio-based value chains.

Local stakeholders also proposed ideas to improve the webtool e.g. by providing economic incentives available to implement the solutions listed by the tool, or by helping with the facilitation for the cooperation between the different players of the value chain.