The HOOP Lunch Talks are back!

Photo by Square Lab on Unsplash

The HOOP project kicked off the second season of its monthly 30-minute exchanges about the urban circular bioeconomy with a first episode focused on one of its Lighthouse cities: Porto.

In “Bio-waste: a global problem requiring an integrated approach!” participants learnt about the three pillars of Porto’s circular bioeconomy approach: 1) Food waste reduction; 2) Treatment of bio-waste at the source through household and community composting; 3) Selective collection and recovery of bio-waste.

The second episode featured the report “Quantified actions to prevent household food waste” newly published by ACR+ to offer 4 key recommendations and 20 associated actions for local and regional authorities to tackle household food waste and promote practices to successfully reduce it.

The third episode, to take place on 01 December at 14:00, will focus on how the Network can be involved in the HOOP Urban Circular Bioeconomy Hub. Through a tutorial session, members and partners will be guided to discover all the functionalities of the Hub, which has been designed to facilitate the interaction among cities and regions and to foster the knowledge exchange on bioeconomy strategies and technologies. Join the partners in charge of the development of the Hub and get ready to share your first feedbacks on its functionalities.

Open only to the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions, the HOOP Lunch Talks are designed to share experiences and gather feedback from public authorities and waste management companies that are striving to build a circular bioeconomy strategy.

Do not miss this opportunity, if you are a representative of a municipality, a region, or a waste management and/or waste water treatment company; join the HOOP Network of Cities and Regions to follow every last Thursday of the month the HOOP Lunch Talks and get access to all the services reserved to member.