Biocircularcities unlocked – The Barcelona stop

A final event took place in Barcelona to share with the local actors the outcomes achieved so far by the project, in particular:

  • Policy recommendations related to bio-waste based on the opportunities and barriers identified during the analysis of the regulatory framework.
  • Preliminary results of the study of the analysis of the life cycle (LCA) and of the analysis of the cycle of costs (ACC) of the value chains studied to compare the current state with the alternative scenarios.
  • Presentation of the preliminary version of the web tool that helps policy makers and industry to design bio-waste management strategies.

The conference also shed lights on preliminary results from municipalities that have introduced smart containers, door-to-door or mixed system (some fractions with door-to-door and others with smart containers) to collect the organic fraction. These show an increase in quantity and quality of the organic matter selectively collected. To conclude the round of presentations, the new technologies available on the market to treat organic matter and obtain products with added value were presented.

The event closed with a round table during which participants agreed on the following:

  • Bio-waste is a field with a great future that perhaps has not yet stood out.
  • We still have to work on the technologies to reach the market.
  • As for collection systems, there are no universal solutions.
  • The great challenge is surely the management of the different collection systems and the acceptance of the population with the worrying risk of politicization, social polarization, etc.


14 June 2023

9:15 am to 1:00 pm


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