Biocircularcities unlocked – The Naples stop

The results of the Biocircularities project were shared during a final event in Naples. During the event, guest speakers and project partners discussed the main barriers and opportunities to a circular bioeconomy that have been identified as well as the environmental and economic performance of the valorisation chains analysed. The event focused on the value chain selected for the Metropolitan City of Naples: the coffee supply chain.

Among others, the following speakers took part:

  • Valeria Ciarambino – Vice President of the Campania Regional Council
  • Luigi Stefano Sorvino – Director General of ARPAC
  • Josi Della Ragione – mayor of Bacoli
  • Giuliano di Costanzo – Mayor of Volla
  • Matteo Morra – Mayor of Marano
  • Angelo Melone – Consul of the Democratic Republic of Congo and President of the Institute for a Euro-Mediterranean Culture
  • Salvatore Velotto – President of the Order of Food Technologists of Campania and Lazio


15 June 2023

9:30 am to 1:00 pm


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